6 Creative Home Devices for a Happy & Healthy Pet!

We all have experienced that painful guilt leaving our dogs, cat or any pet behind when going to work or school. Even going down the driveway and you look back to see them looking out the window at you… makes us want to turn around every time! But the problem has been that there is no way to check on our pets throughout the day. Let’s introduce some new home smart devices that will make a large difference in your pets life from afar.

1. Worry Less with Pet-Specific Cameras

An evolution in camera technology has resulted in a new frontier: pet-specific surveillance. These products are designed to keep an eye on pets, and even interact with them when you are away from home, providing peace of mind and added stimulation for your pet.

2. Keep Your Pet Nourished with Food Dispensers

The Petnet SmartFeeder is an automatic pet feeder that dispenses dry food on scheduled intervals, managed by smartphone with smart home device pairing abilities. This feeder also provides a nutritional score to evaluate your pet’s diet and uses pet-specific metrics to determine the perfect feeding frequency and serving sizes. 

4. Keep Your Pet Fresh with Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Let’s face it, absolutely no one likes cleaning out the litter box. While a necessary part of pet ownership, this less-than-thrilling task is often hard to fit in a busy schedule. LavvieBot monitors box usage with the ability to differentiate between cats by weight and even send notifications when the waste tray needs to be emptied. Cat owners also love the rotating Litter Robot that sifts waste, removes odor, and even offers a night light for evening use. Dog owners aren’t left out in the waste management field either. The brand new InuBox provides a raised platform that detects both dog presence and waste.

5. Let Your Pet Out with an Automatic Dog Door 

Now if your dog can really listen, you can let your dog in and out even from work. For pet owners with multiple pets and varying preferences, the PlexiDor ($372) uses RFID chip technology but allows for a greater range of customization options. Each pet can have its own unique smart home device settings with different permissible time frames. This can be an excellent option if you have two dogs who shouldn’t be outside at the same time. Smart dog doors solve common pet door problems, making sure pets have the option to go outside without compromising home security.

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