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About Chris Vish

Chris Vish is developing a next-generation collaborative marketplace to bring buyers and sellers together and provide them with the resources they need at every stage of the process. We willguide you to make the best decision possible, whether you are buying or selling a home, with over one million listings and innovative features. We are changing the way people buy a home or sell a property.Understanding how the real estate market changes daily is paramount to achieving the best outcome for you!

Chris Vish , being one of the most highly respected real estate teams in the state, has the goal to assist you in finding a place to call home. Our team is committed to finding your family the home of their dreams. Count on Chris Vish to share the best and most relevant options to sell, buy or move! We offer the best options to allow you to sell, buy and move on the terms that work best for you.

Our Vision

To Be the Real Estate Company All Others Measure Themselves By: The Best Place to Work, Buy and Sell Real Estate!

Our Mission

To Help You Achieve Your Hearts Desire!

Our Belief

Because of our Quantum Leap System, Exclusive Coaching and Go Serve Big Culture – We Believe we can Lead the Way in Elevating the Lifestyle of Agents, Buyers and Sellers!

Core Value Commitments

  • Second mile Service!
  • Empower and Inspire Others to Achieve More!
  • Results Driven!
  • Value Relationships by Openly Expressing Gratitude!
  • Embrace Continuous Improvements!

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Real Estate agent and relocation specialist Chris and his lovely wife live in the Lake Fenton community. They have 4 kids, the oldest of which is serving in the United States Air Force. Many people in Michigan know Chris from his athletic endeavors. From MMA to Jiu Jitsu to NPC bodybuilding, he has had a lot of interaction with people in Michigan. Chris is also a devoted family man, a Master Electrician, a coach at Team SFS in Brighton, and a friend to many. He decided to get involved in the real estate after having some difficult experiences in his personal real estate. He realized he could make a difference in a lot of people’s lives in this area. The purchase of a home is most people’s biggest expenditure and their lives, and it can be stressful and confusing. Why not help these people get through it with a true advocate for their interests? He set out to help people have smooth transactions and add value here. Give us a chance to show you how this team can benefit you.

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It’s a team waiting to reinvent your real estate decisions for the best possible outcomes.

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